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Fall 2023, Instructor: Huanchen Zhang

Assignment 2
Due time:

Tentative Schedule

WeekDateLectureDateHomework & Projects
1 09/19Course Overview & Introduction to CHW1 release
209/26C Basics
310/03Holiday⛱️10/08HW1 due, HW2 release
4 10/10C Memory
510/17C Advanced10/22HW2 due, HW3 release
6 10/24Object-Oriented Programming & C++
710/31Inheritance & Polymorphism11/05HW3 due, HW4 release
8 11/07STL & Modern C++
9 11/07C++ Design Patterns11/19HW4 due, P1 release
10 11/14Performance Fun!
13 12/17P1 due, P2 release
18 01/21P2 due


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